Servicios de Medición y Venta

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About Us:

Servicios de Medición y Ventas

SMV is a company with more than 10 years of experience working with multi-national corporations as LTH (Johnson´s Control), Cummins, GM, Christler, FORD, Metalsa, Emerson, ILSA, etc.

Our mission is to bring up solutions in the quality area, specially focused in the implementation of statistical process control tools (hardware and software).

We are able to support our clients and help them increase the inspection frequency, improving statistical analysis, and upgrading a measurement station. All this with the purpose of always seek a constant improvement, add value to the process and reduce costs considerably.


Did you know??? 

What cannot be measured, you cannot be controlled. What you cannot be controlled, cannot be improved.

The Statistical Process Control is a requirement of the Standard ISO 9001 y la TS16949.

The SPC is the best solution to reduce the scrap and product rejection.